Accelerate Your Marketing

Accelerating your marketing

by Dave on June 6, 2011

When does your marketing turn the corner? When do you move from chasing every lead to where people are finding you? After all that’s the promise of online marketing.

When does success occur?

The other week I was having coffee with Chris Visco (PJs and Coffee, The Best of Food). We were discussing her social networking clients and their successes. Chris mentioned that while employing certain tactics would produce success, the timing of the success wasn’t always easy to predict.  There aren’t a set number of followers, updates, or links that predict the exact point when results would occur.

My clients online marketing experience is similar. My own experience with Twitter is a great example – 1,200 followers appeared to be my “magic number.” Before I hit 1,200, I was averaging 4-8 new followers who “found” me a week. After I hit 1,200 followers, 8+ new followers found me each day.  Why that number? It’s probably a combination of who I connected with and what I was sharing. Exactly what caused it – a mystery. When it happens I like to think of it as a tipping point.

Tipping points and network effects

Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point (affiliate link) provides some insight on how these things occur. It should be required reading for anyone remotely interested in marketing. Gladwell defines a tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” He goes on to provide examples and discuss exactly how he believes things “tip” and who can influence that event.

Online marketing has another dimension that impacts success – the network effect. In marketing terms, the more people in your network, the more valuable the network becomes. Larger networks provide more exposure to you and your message. Online marketing has an additional dimension – quality.  The quality of the connections magnifies your network’s impact. But remember, without a sufficient network size, the overall impact of even a high quality will be muted, so you need both size and quality.  It goes without saying that a large, low-quality network will have limited impact also.

How you can accelerate your marketing

Once you understand the impact of networks and the unpredictability of tipping points you “get” the rules of the online marketing game. Success requires you to be strategic in your approach, consistent in your interaction, and persistent in your efforts until you reach your tipping point. Accelerating your arrival at your tipping point requires you learn how to best interact with your network and use the right engagement tactics.

When did your network “tip?”

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