Expertise isn’t what it used to be

by Dave on April 6, 2011

Twitter Social MediaIt used to be that professionals claiming expertise had to at least demonstrate some experience or knowledge to back up their boast of proficiency. As I was browsing my Twitter streams today, I found myself amused by a self-anointed “Social Media Consultant” confounded by Twitter’s recent roll-back to their old interface. They obviously didn’t recognize a prior interface because either they have suffered significant memory loss from repetitive tweeting; or their base of knowledge was gathered during the last several weeks reading Social Media for Dummies (multiple times).

It’s sad for their clients who are drawn in by the “large” follower list built on pump and dump mass follow tools, and scary for the reputation of those who really do know what they are doing. I realize that we are in the gold-rush phase of online and social media and that eventually those who don’t have the skills or knowledge will leave to chase the next shiny object. This too will pass. In the meantime, make sure you look deeper than the self-conferred title when checking out the bona fides of potential vendors.

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