Favorite iPad Apps for New iPad users

by Dave on December 30, 2011

I’m sure that many of you received a shiny, new iPad during the holiday season, so I thought I’d update my original article on favorite iPad apps.

I’ve been using my iPad for a year and a half

iPadI’ve owned my iPad (original version “1”) since summer 2010. Rare is a day where I’m not spending an hour on it. I’m a big-time consumer of information and love the portability and ease of use. I have a 16GB Wi-Fi version – I primarily keep it around the house and occasionally bring it to work, both of which have solid Wi-Fi connections.

I don’t use it much for content creation, but I do read, browse, save and share. This list has direct links to the app store – just click and go!


Kindle for iPad – easy to use, seemless integration with Amazon.com. Though the iPad isn’t as light as the Kindle tablets, the reading experience is the same.

IMDb – if you like movies, this is great to have along for the ride. You can look up the actress who’s name you can’t remember, or find out that Brad Pitt was an extra in Less Than Zero.

Words with Friends HD – my 9 year-old daughter hooked me on this one, and if you like the game, it plays great on the iPad.

News and Sports

Bloomberg – still one of my favorites – great for a quick look at the markets or business news.

Wall Street Journal – one of the few items I try to read every day. Worth the subscription.

The Weather Channel – I admit I’m a weather junkie – this gives a solid (if slow) read on the local weather.

Hurricane HD – if you live near the East Coast, this is a great app to track those Atlantic Monsters.

ESPN ScoreCenter XL – if you like to follow sports – this is a quick hit for scores and schedules.

iPad for Social Media, etc.

HootSuite – my favorite way to browse my social networks. I use HootSuite on the web, my phone and my iPad. Because I help clients with their social presences, I need something that allows me to not only browse, but also post to multiple accounts.

Facebook, and Twitter apps. Both iPad native, and all good. Because I use HootSuite for most everything, I only jump on them occasionally.

Yelp and Moviefone – if you are trying to find something to eat or watch these two apps are really handy.

Flipboard – still a favorite when I just want to browse my personal social networks – great for consumption, but not great for management.

Business Utilities

Note Taker HD – great for taking “hand written” notes on the iPad, but works much better if you are using a stylus.

Dropbox – great way to get things back and forth. No yucky connection and transfers.

MailChimp – because we use MailChimp for our clients, I find their utility a must have.

Evernote – I have it on my phone, desktop and a link in my browser. If I know I’m going to want it in the future, I stash it in Evernote.

iThoughtsHD – if you like to Mind Map, this is one of the better and easier to use apps.

Dragon Dictation – If I’m in the mood to talk to my iPad this app captures what a say and leaves me with a text file for my next blog post, article or to-do item.

That should fill up a couple of screens.

What are your favorite apps?

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