How Much is Too Much

by Dave on August 19, 2011

How do you know if you have too much on your plate?

One of the great promises of online marketing is the vast array of opportunities to create, join, participate, connect, and share. The nearly effortless entry into most online marketing makes it far too easy to overindulge in a good thing.  How do you know when you are doing too much?

You have to push the online marketing envelope

Professional athletes will tell you that you can’t reach your potential unless you’re consistently pushing yourself for better performance. Online marketing isn’t that different. You have to experiment, test your tactics, and push the tools to their maximum potential. But you have to be careful not to push your organization or your audience too far.

Case in point – my webinars

I recently embarked on an aggressive schedule of webinars – once a week.  I recognized that this was pushing me and my audience.  To keep to quality high and promote them adequately, I set up a tightly focused plan.  I lightened up the content (in duration, not quality), and went with a minimalist email promotion schedule.

But doing webinars the right way, even if minimalist, is a time-consuming proposition. So I committed to review my progress and timeline on a daily basis.  Earlier this week, I was reviewing my monthly marketing calendar and recognized even minimalist promotion of a weekly series of events was asking too much of my email list.  Two weeks into my program I knew that I had pushed too much.   I hadn’t lost any subscribers and my open and click rates were still very good, but eventually I’d burn people out.

Unacceptable choices

Just as important, I realized that I was going to develop an issue with getting things done. I wasn’t willing to compromise quality of my webinars or my client delivery in order to keep up the quantity of webinars.

I only had one option left – to reduce the frequency. And that’s what I did. My weekly webinars are now biweekly.

Making the right decisions

Pushing the envelope doesn’t always work out.  By paying attention my progress, my commitments, and the needs of my audience, I was able to quickly realize that I had a problem brewing.

Online marketing tools can be so easy that you don’t realize you’ve gone too far until it’s too late.  Make sure you build regular reviews into your routine so that it doesn’t happen to you.

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