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iPad Second Impression – The Device

by Dave on August 16, 2010

What, no First Impression?

A few days after my iPad arrived, I started a blog post on my first impressions – but I was like a kid with a new bike – it was all shiny perfect – hard to find fault with anything. Any review would have been glowing, and ultimately useless. So I opted for a few quick Facebook updates on my new possession.

The iPad Takes a Vacation

Last week I took a much needed vacation, and though I declared that I was also taking a digital vacation, I couldn’t leave my shiny new “toy” home. So the iPad came along for the ride. It was good decision – I had a chance to spend some quality time with it and experience what it was like to use the iPad for different applications in different locations.

It’s not Heavy, it’s my iPad

My initial, out of the box impression was that the device was heavier than I expected. With additional use I grew more accustomed to its heft, but it’s not a featherweight. Some people may not like to use it unsupported. When reading items I found myself resting it on my lap, chest or seat-back tray.

I use the Acase Leather Flip Book for work and it worked just as well to protect the iPad on vacation. It also gave me a firm surface to grip and comfortable way to carry it around.

Charging and Battery Life

Charging the device was a little tricky. Since I was traveling, I decided not to carry the charging brick that comes in the box – too heavy for my liking. I opted for the Griffin PowerBlock Dual Universal Charger, since my Droid Incredible also charges via USB. The iPad seems to be somewhat sensitive to voltage (phone was not).  I had to plug the iPad in alone for charging to begin, then I could plug in the phone and charge them together. Weird, but workable.

Battery life is great – as long as you don’t turn it up to maximum brightness. I turned it up at the beach, and then forgot to turn it back down when I came inside. Battery drained at about 2X the normal rate.

A screen protector is a must, especially when taking it to the beach – sand and fingerprints weren’t a problem. I did have to wipe the screen off regularly (SPF 50 leaves a fingerprint trail). Having the case really helped keep it clean and protected.

There’s more

Check back on Wednesday to learn how the iPad worked in various locations and on different networks. Stop by on Friday to see what apps I came to use and love (and some not so much).

What do you think?

If you have an iPad, what do you think now the “newness” has worn off?

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