I’ve been busy, really….

by Dave on July 17, 2009

Back from the digital dead

Those who only know me online or keep track of me via social media must have thought I was dead (or abducted by aliens).  No twitter, no Facebook, No LinkedIn, no blogging…

For the last several months I kept repeating a line from the Godfather – Michael Corleone- “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”  I was back buried in title insurance.

Everything Stopped

I had been busy building up Why About Marketing. Good thing, too – the title insurance business was getting painfully slow near the end of 2008. Then it happened – interest rates dropped, the refinance boom started, and the family business needed me. Not just part time, but eat, drink and sleep title insurance. I disappeared online and from my marketing business, save a couple of existing clients.

Toward the end of the boom, we made a couple of big decisions. First we decided to move offices. Our lease was up and the new office was just what we were looking for. We decided to move ASAP, in 5 weeks. What the heck, the impossible only takes slightly longer. Out came Microsoft Project and the packing boxes.

And one more thing…

We make another big decision  – to change nature of our family owned title insurance business. It was something we had discussed for some time. Months before, we had gone far as to register a new name and develop a new logo to match our new intent.   Five weeks should be plenty of time to change our identity completely, right?  It took seven (I was a slacker – insisting on sleeping).

It wasn’t to be just a rebranding, it was  a re-visioning of our purpose. We’re still in the title insurance business, but we have made the conscious decision to be more engaged in the communities we serve. Engaged not only in name, but in how we share ourselves through targeting a specific share of our profits and encouraging our staff to seek out and participate in worthy causes – providing paid for volunteer time each month.

We’ve made it. Move complete and Community First Abstract opened up this week. Stop by and see what were doing.

After I catch up on some sleep, I promise to share some interesting insights – not only on rebranding a small business, but how to move one too.

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