Online Marketing Plan

Live by your plan or suffer without one

by Dave on April 29, 2011

What kills more online marketing? Not technology, not a lack of effort, not even competition. Plain and simple – it’s the lack of a realistic plan.

Notice I didn’t say online marketing campaigns or projects. By definition campaigns and projects are planned. Too often I see in online marketing that looks like a grade-school science experiment gone awry – incompatible pieces, random timing, and no result in mind.

Why is online marketing such a mess?

For some reason, online marketing seems to produce more of these disasters waiting to happen than any other marketing medium. I have a theory – it looks so easy (and cheap) that people just turn off their brains and jump into the “just do it” frame of mind (thanks for that one Nike).

The downside of botched approach

While online marketing has easier tools and a much better price point, doing it right is neither free nor is it easy. If you don’t plan for the who, the where, and the what (your audience, medium, and message), you are going to be turning all those wonderful tools into very efficient time and money shredders.

Your plan doesn’t have to be large or complex, but it does have to address goals, messaging, and most importantly, a criteria for success.

Do yourself a favor – spend some time building your plan before you dive into online marketing – it will be a much more pleasant, and profitable, experience.

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