Rushing again for my Spring Garden

by Dave on March 16, 2011

For you tech geeks out there - I dictated this post into my Dragon Dictation 
for the iPad and then edited it in Word and WordPress. The video was captured
on my Droid Incredible smart phone.

Almost ready for the Spring Garden

Here we are again – early spring and I’m rushing to get my garden ready to go. Last Fall I started in the right direction – I did a great job of collecting and creating my own compost, I also did a good job of mulching and preparing the beds for the winter.

But what I haven’t done is plan for my spring garden.  So here I am mid-to-late March deciding the what, the where, and the when. Truth be told, I should have started in January or early February. Last weekend I took advantage of some great weather to get a jump start on preparing a few of my raised beds for spring, so at least one to-do is out of the way.
I did take a few notes of what I’d like to raise this year, and one night I did a quick survey of the family to see what they would want. I made some basic decisions – for example last year’s corn experiment, while interesting, wasn’t productive and ended up being a lot of work. No corn this year.

Now I have to get busy

Prompted by Chives beginning to push up and a Groupon from my favorite garden center this morning, I took a hard look at the calendar and realized I’m far behind! I’m especially concerned about some of the early spring garden planting like onions, shallots, and spinach. I also need to inventory tools and supplies – make sure there aren’t any “emergency” runs during the season.

Planning is scheduled for tonight, so expect to see a post in the next few days with my actual plans.

For now enjoy this quick video of what’s going on in my garden right now: (for more videos subscribe to my YouTube Channel)

YouTube Preview Image

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