Staples EasyTech: Promotion Fail

by Dave on March 3, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me how big companies squander golden opportunities.  A recent interaction with the Staples’ EasyTech is a case in point:

I received a coupon in the mail for a free “tune up” from EasyTech.  I have a spare laptop that I let our daughter use – she was complaining it was slow and occasionally froze up.  Though I can do my own tune up, and typically do, I thought this might be an opportunity for someone else to do the grunt work.  Keep in mind, the laptop is in pretty good shape – not crowded with junk applications, running an up to date antivirus program, etc.

So I dropped it off and the tech asked the questions I would expect:  Any problems, any recent changes?  He thought it would be ready the same day.  Promised to call me back. Looking good.  Keep in mind the laptop is running Windows XP, but is fully compliant for a Windows 7 upgrade (I ran the utility myself).

Strike one:  They never call to tell me its ready.  I call the next day, and sure enough, its been ready to pick up.

Strike two:  The tech hands it back to me with virtually no explanation: “Looks like it doesn’t have a virus.”  Great, thanks.  Its a complete mystery what they did (if anything) –  no list of what was done.  Even Jiffy Lube tells you what they are going to do.

Strike three:  They missed a golden opportunity for an upsell – thought I wouldn’t have taken it, it would have been a no-brainer to walk me over to the Windows 7 display and try to upsell me.  No chance – I just walked away.

And the rest:  They had me there with a PC and didn’t try to capture my email address for future marketing.  They didn’t invite me back or suggest I bring another PC.   The list could go on.

Staples spent some effort on this.  The offer cost money to produce and deliver, the tech (probably) spent time with the laptop to check it out.  What did they get?  Nothing.  Based on the experience, I’m not sure they even had a plan to get anything more than a body in a store.  What a wasted opportunity.

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