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Going Google

by Dave on November 9, 2008

Flashback to 15 or so years ago…..

First came Outlook, bright, shiny, and new. My first email client. It opened a whole new world of communication and suddenly Microsoft had my attention. It wasn’t long before DOS based 1-2-3 was shown the door for the reasonably competent and graphical Excel. It took some time, but not too long, before the less-than-perfect WordPerfect for Windows was eclipsed by a slightly more perfect Word. Microsoft had grabbed a share of my desktop, and it grew. PowerPoint had no equal, and won hands down. Eventually Mosaic/Netscape disappeared in favor of a not so great Internet Explorer – only because so many web sites just didn’t support other browsers (weren’t those the good old days?). Bit by bit, piece by piece, Microsoft had taken over. I never really realized it – there was work to be done.

Then it was déjà vu all over again…..

It started simply with a search engine that was second to none. Eventually I changed all my default to searches Google. And for a time, that seemed all it would be. Sure, I used Feedburner, Adwords and Analytics, but those were “just” services. A year ago I tried Google Reader – but it didn’t stick, migration seemed too hard and I was “stuck” on the Bloglines interface. Two months ago, after another Bloglines meltdown, I bit the bullet and migrated to Google Reader (my page). After a week of getting used to the interface, I haven’t looked back. Google had a foothold.

I’ve had a Yahoo! email account and homepage for years and years – and they had earned a bit of my desktop with their widgets. But they were resource hogs – and my system was stretched to the limit. So where did I go last month? Google. While they don’t match Yahoo’s variety, they were much better on my RAM. I still live on my Yahoo! homepage, but how long before Google offers something irresistible and off I go?

Sometime in the last two months, I set up a Gmail Account. Only using it a little, but it’s there none the less.

In August, I needed a more flexible web tool, and Firefox replaced IE as my default. Still too many sites that don’t work with anything but IE, but that will change too. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but can Chrome be far away? Will I end up with Google Applications?

Why do I have this disturbing feeling that I’m throwing off the yoke of one master and slowly replacing it with another?


A number of excellent Google Analytics tweeks and tricks compiled by Bryan Eisenberg at FutureNow. Well worth the time to check them out.