I’m sure that many of you received a shiny, new iPad during the holiday season, so I thought I’d update my original article on favorite iPad apps.

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iPad 2nd Impressions – More Apps

by Dave on September 28, 2010

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This is my 2nd post on applications here’s the link to the 1st post on iPad Apps.

Must have these iPad Apps – for Work

I use my iPad mostly for my work in online marketing (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) and there are some excellent apps that help it all come together.

Goodreader – Let’s me view Microsoft Office and PDF documents (among others). Since I’m not really creating on the iPad, this is all I need.

Dropbox – Apple didn’t make it easy to move files wirelessly to iPads – requiring a sync thorough iTunes – yeech. Dropbox fill this void nicely. In addition, I can get at important files from any machine just using a browser.

IBooks (for pdfs) – The kindle reader doesn’t really support uploading PDFs (if you have Kindle HW you can email PDFs and have them show up). While I use Kindle for reading books, I found that the iBooks does an excellent job of storing and reading PDFs. Whitepapers beware – I’m slowly working through my “pile”

Fun to play with

Dragon dictation – I’m getting the hang of it, and for those verbal types out there, this will end up on your must have list. Good voice recognition and the ability to transfer or email it so the text can be included in your latest magnum opus.

Note Taker HD – I thought it would be just a fun toy to show that I could take notes with the iPad, but now that I have a stylus, it has become a very useful tool, indeed. I’m starting to take the iPad to meetings and leave my paper behind.

Netflix – Now that Netflix is going to have more instant downloads, I think the best movie watching will only get better. It just blows me away that I can carry around a tiny tablet and watch a high-quality movie in my lap.   The other night I hooked the iPad up to my DLP projector and ran a Netflix movie on my custom “big screen” which wasn’t being used as a bedsheet at the time.  Quality was great and the battery held out much better than I expected.  Only think missing was speakers, which would have rocked!

SketchBook Pro – downloaded for my daughter, the budding artist to doodle with, I’m absolutely blown away by the flexibility and quality of this app. If you are an artist, or like to sketch, you have to have this.


Facebook – come on, already – using the iPhone app on such a large screen is just disappointing. There is so much that could be done with a Facebook app, I just don’t understand why they haven’t rolled one out.

HootSuite – on my laptop (and Andriod Phone) I live on HootSuite. Fast, flexible and reliable. Like Facebook, I am so disappointed that the team over at HootSuite hasn’t rolled out something better for the iPad. Even a knock-off of their web app would be awesome.

Mashable – can get the same stuff faster from my feed reader or twitter. Nice app, but not for me.

Couple of others I loaded and dumped immediately – so fast I don’t even remember them.

A late addition

Twitter – I just started using the twitter application and the latest version is excellent. I’ve stopped using my 3rd party readers (at least on the iPad)

What Did I Miss?

Do you have a favorite app for the iPad? Leave me a post and let me know what and why. (no spam or self promotion please).


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