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I’m sure that many of you received a shiny, new iPad during the holiday season, so I thought I’d update my original article on favorite iPad apps.

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Make sure to check out my previous posts on iPad features and network connections with a Wi-Fi iPad.

I use my iPad for content consumption. I create an occasional email and have been playing around with dictation. But for the most part, I’m using it to get, not create, information.

That might be because I’m a  news junkie. Not only does it keep me up to date, but I can share interesting items with clients and friends.  Obviously, my favorites start with news:

My favorite iPad Apps.

iPad ApplicationsBloomberg – it’s like having an mini Bloomberg Terminal at your fingertips (not really, but at least I feel like a wizard of finance…). Great layout, and good information.

Wall Street Journal – A good app that’s gotten better with a recent upgrade. Timely news and events in a very useful layout. (requires a subscription)

Kindle – Amazon’s e-reader is great on the iPad. Solid, stable and very easy to use.  I wish all my books were e-books.

Weather Channel – OK, I’m a weather junkie too. This app is very well thought out and organized. Response times are super quick. Better experience than on weather.com!

NewsRack – Like I said, I love my news. I tried several RSS/newsreaders that would integrate with my Google Reader account, and this was the best by far. Still not caught up with my feeds, but I’m getting there.

Instapaper – hit and run consumption makes this app a must. I can send items from by news reader over to Instapaper to read later on the iPad, my Android Phone, or on my laptop.

ReadItLater – I’ve just discovered this app that functions similarly to Instapaper. I’ll be running them alongside each other and let you know which one wins.

Flipboard – this app or something like it will be a game changer. It takes my Twitter and Facebook feeds and morphs them into a magazine format. Really changes the experience. When I have a couple of minutes to catch up with my social networks, this app is my first choice.

Yes, Virginia, I still use and like email. The iPad Exchange setup is great – allows me browse and clean up my inbox with very little effort. The plain POP accounts don’t let me (or I can’t figure out how to) delete emails immediately. It holds them for several days. Not very good for inbox management.

This list is getting pretty long – check out my next post on work essential apps and some ones that are fun to play with.

What do you like?

What’s your favorite iPad app? Leave a comment and let me know.

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