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The Right Focus for Your Online Marketing

by Dave on November 3, 2011

You really don’t care about me

That’s OK, I struggle to care about you, your products or your services too. Nothing personal, we are just hard-wired by thousands of years of evolution to care only about ourselves and our immediate family. That doesn’t mean I won’t care, it just means that I have to work at caring. And guess what – work isn’t so much fun.

We don’t like to work at it

Most people don’t want to do the work, you have to help them. If you start your marketing with “I” “me” “our” or “we” you just made it harder – it’s not about us, it’s about you. It doesn’t mean you can’t eventually talk about yourself, you just don’t start talking about yourself early and often.

Don’t be that person

We all run across them – the person at a meeting or a party that is all me all the time. Your online marketing is no different. If it’s all about you, you won’t get your audience’s attention. Without their attention, they won’t engage. You have to provide something that is interesting, useful, or valuable to them. Only then will their first instinct be to tune in to your message.

Sometimes the light just goes on

I always hammer my clients to be more focused on the “you.” While I was at ALTAs National Convention for a speaking engagement of my own, a slid into a presentation from Sue Hershkowitz-Coore. She had a great idea on how to take the “me” out of one-on-one interaction (don’t worry Sue – I won’t give it away). It made me think on how to get more engaged in interactions online – testing some of them now.

Lots of food for thought – I’ll save that for future posts.

Where do You start?

That’s right, this is about you. The first thing you need to do is review. Take a look at your existing content. Is it all me all the time? If it is, it’s probably time for a serious makeover.

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