When to End a Marketing Campaign

by Dave on June 28, 2012

When is it Time to Pull the Plug on Your Marketing Campaign?

When you create a marketing campaign, most people have great pride of ownership. Sometimes it’s hard to let go – but sometimes you have to – case in point, our online marketing webinar program.

End a marketing campaignWhen Good Isn’t Good Enough

For several months Why About Marketing offered webinars. We set a schedule of one or two a month on a variety of topics in online marketing.  We received great feedback from the attendees.  But guess what – the webinars didn’t meet our goals, and painful as it was, I decided to end them.

The primary goal was to get more clients (of course) and a secondary goal was to add more people to our house email list. We did OK on both goals, so what was the problem? Webinars consume significant resources. From promotion, to content creation, to creation of the archived media and follow up, they are one of the more time-intensive marketing programs that a small business can undertake.

Allow Time to Learn and Make Adjustments

Just because the first attempt doesn’t deliver results, doesn’t mean you should drop it like a hot potato. We gave the webinars almost 6 months. We collected data, analyzed results, and asked for feedback. We made adjustments. While we saw improvement, it still wasn’t delivering the payoff for the investment. We pulled the plug.

The Next Chapter

The feedback on the series was overwhelmingly positive. I’ve been looking for something that would let us continue to share, but allow more unstructured interaction. I think Google+ Hangouts might just be the solution. Look to hear more in the next few days about my first online marketing hangout event. Make sure you’re on the list to hear about it.

What You Can Do

Start your campaigns off right. Make sure that you:

  • Have Goals – if you don’t have a yardstick, you can’t evaluate your campaign performance.
  • Include Measurement – you have to measure what’s important (your goal attainment). If you have a goal that isn’t easily measureable, is it a useful goal?
  • Show Patience – give yourself enough time to make a good evaluation. It varies by marketing campaign. Not sure how long?  I can help
  • Regularly Review – make sure you are reviewing your results regularly. Again, how often depends on the campaign.
  • Keeping Learning – don’t  just collect data, but learn from it, like what we learned about webinar timing

What are you doing to build your audience?

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