Why are so many Marketers bad at Marketing?

by Dave on December 11, 2008

I wouldn’t want a mechanic that couldn’t keep their own car running, or personal trainer that’s out of shape.  Why is it that so many who advertise marketing services are so bad at marketing?

Every day I receive unwelcome soliciations from those that purport to be marketing professionals.  At least they seem to hit all the media:

  • Twitter spam from social media “experts”
  • Unsolicited emails that don’t bother to use an ESP and ignore CAN-SPAM
  • SEO “experts” with keyword crammed web sites that don’t register on the search engines
  • Web sites at advertise measurement and ROI and don’t bother to have any analytics tags (OK, I’m a geek – I like to inspect the code to see what they are using)
  • Social Media “gurus” who don’t seem to have any SM accounts

What happens to these “professionals?”  Do they actually bring in clients, or are they doomed to a quick failure?

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